Analysts have recorded a decrease in prices for country houses in Russia

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The cost of the object in the offer decreased the most — by almost a third — in the Vologda region

In April 2024, the average cost of an object on the suburban real estate market in Russia decreased by 2% compared to March, to 4.4 million rubles, according to a study by analysts of the Avito Real Estate platform received by the editorial board. The data includes the offer of cottages, townhouses and private houses on the platform.

The Vologda Region took the first place in reducing the average cost of a country house. During the month, the value of the lot on display in this region decreased by 32%, to 2.4 million rubles.

In the second place of the rating Saratov region, where the average cost of a country house decreased by 19% in a month, to 2.6 million rubles. The Volgograd Region took the third place with a decrease of 17% to 2.5 million rubles. The Yaroslavl Region (-14%, up to 2.4 million rubles) and the Perm Territory (-9%, up to 2 million rubles) also entered the top five.

In the Moscow region, the decrease in the average price of a suburban property for the month amounted to 4%, to 10.2 million rubles, Avito Real Estate clarifies.

Top 10 regions with the largest decrease in suburban real estate prices in April 2024

Region Lot value, mln rubles Price change per month Vologda Oblast 2.4 -32% Saratov Oblast 2.6 -19% Volgograd Oblast 2.5 -17% Yaroslavl Oblast 2.4 -14% Perm Krai 2 -9% Udmurtia 2.4 -8% Republic of Bashkortostan 5.2 -7% Kaluga Oblast 3.7 -7% Sverdlovsk Oblast 3 -6% Altai Krai 1.5 -6%

Data: Avito Real Estate

Sergey Eremkin, head of the secondary and suburban real estate department at Avito Real Estate, explains the decline in prices for suburban real estate in Russia by the discount policy against the background of seasonal demand, which should soon come to naught.

According to Domclick, in April of this year, the Kurgan region became the region with the lowest cost of suburban housing. The average cost of 1 sq. m. the cost of suburban housing in the Kurgan region is 28.7 thousand rubles. The top 5 regions with the lowest prices for such real estate also included Mordovia (31.4 thousand rubles), Smolensk (32.9 thousand rubles), Pskov (33.1 thousand rubles) and Vologda (33.3 thousand rubles) regions.

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