Vacation in Minsk — 2024: tourist reviews, prices and my trip

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

In the summer of 2023, I decided to go to Minsk to solve the mystery of why I had heard so many enthusiastic reviews about this city from my friends. And now my hand luggage is packed, and I’m already standing in line for a boarding pass to start my journey.

In this review, I will tell you my impressions and tourist reviews about my vacation in Minsk, show the prices for accommodation and meals, and share my top attractions.

Why should I go to Minsk? My review

Minsk is an excellent choice for those who have traveled around Russia a lot over the past three years, but do not want to bother with applying for a visa and fly with transfers to other European countries. By the way, you can enter Belarus using a Russian passport, so there are no barriers.

  • A vacation in Minsk in 2024 does not require any problems with money (euros or dollars? and where to exchange?) — Russian MIR bank cards are accepted everywhere in Belarus.

My impressions during my trip to Minsk were as follows: everything seems to be familiar and familiar, as in Russia. But European and post—Soviet features in architecture, national cuisine, as well as foreign brands currently unavailable to Russians in stores – these are the differences that you should come to Minsk for.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

When is it better to go to Minsk and for how many days?

My friends asked me if it was worth going to Minsk in the summer? Now I know for sure that Minsk is a pleasure to visit at any time of the year, the weather is favorable. Winters are mild here, the weather is rarely below -8 degrees. The summer is warm — about +25…+27 degrees during the day. And autumn and spring are somewhere between these values. The only thing is that it can be very windy in the city even at +25, so be sure to bring a light windbreaker with you, otherwise you will shiver in the shade.

I spent 4 days in Minsk and I understand that this is not enough. Yes, I visited the main sights and even went to the castles in the vicinity of Minsk, but it was all in a hurry. I advise you to set aside a week for a high-quality acquaintance with the city. It doesn’t matter if you come here in summer or winter — most of the attractions are available at any time of the year.

The program can be distributed as follows, if you are planning a trip to Minsk on your own:

  • Day 1. Sightseeing tour of the city.
  • Day 2. A walk through the Upper Town and shopping in the underground shopping center.
  • Day 3. The Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, Victory Park and a boat trip.
  • Day 3. Nesvizh Castle and its gardens.
  • Day 4. Mir Castle and its gardens.
  • Day 5. Belovezhskaya Pushcha.
  • Day 6. Trip to Brest.
  • Day 7. National Library of Belarus and shopping at Dana Mall.

How can I get to Minsk?

But first I had to plan my trip. The first thing I did was look for a way to profitably get there. There are only four of them:

  • By plane. From St. Petersburg – 1 hour and 20 minutes on the way, ticket prices in summer are about 10,000 rubles round trip. From Moscow — 1 hour and 35 minutes on the way, the cost is about 9,000 round trip. The well-known Airsales will tell you the prices for flights from other cities. By the way, direct flights to Minsk fly from 8 cities of the Russian Federation.
  • By train. The trip to Minsk by train from St. Petersburg will take 13 hours, the price for a reserved seat to Minsk is 6,300 rubles. From Moscow — 9 hours on the way, the cost of a one—way ticket is 5,300 rubles. It turns out that the cost is more expensive than air tickets, so I do not recommend it.
  • By bus. From St. Petersburg – about 3000 rubles, from Moscow — 2500 rubles. The time to travel is the same as by train.
  • By car. If there are two drivers in the car who will take turns getting behind the wheel, it turns out to be a good alternative to the bus. The trip to Minsk by car will take 11 hours from St. Petersburg and about 9 hours from Moscow.

I chose to travel by plane to save time. By the way, you can call Yandex at Minsk airport.Taxi! My trip to the center of Minsk cost 37 BYN (1400 rubles), and local drivers offered 60 BYN (2300 rubles). I start with this expense to calculate how much it costs to relax in Minsk, and at the end of the article I will summarize.

Where is the best place to stay in Minsk? Tourist reviews

During my stay in Minsk, I stayed at the 3* Monastyrsky Hotel, which is located in the Upper Town. My choice is due to two factors:

  • Firstly, the hotel was located in a former monastery building, and this is an interesting experience.
  • Secondly, I would leave the hotel and immediately find myself in the middle of the action. Or rather, in the heart of the Upper City.

My double room cost 6,300 rubles per day. I booked it on Yandex.Traveling, because I knew that after the eviction, I would receive a cashback of 1600 rubles in Plus points. But you can also find cool hotel options in Minsk on the Island.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

A small life hack with accommodation — it is not necessary to live in the center in Minsk, it is enough to settle next to any metro station. This way you can quickly get to the center and save on housing. If you need specific names of districts and landmarks (and a selection of hotels and apartments), welcome to my separate article on this topic.

For example, you can stay at the 3* Orbita Hotel. It is located 200 meters from Pushkinskaya station: 10 minutes drive, get off at Nemiga station, and you are in the center! The cost of the room is 4,100 rubles per day. Tourists write in the reviews that there are within walking distance (Delicious and Period in Belarusian), Burger King and Dodo Pizza — it seems that the infrastructure is excellent.

Where to stay cheap in Minsk? There is a very budget option — the Urban hostel. It is a 15-minute walk from the Upper Town, and a place in a shared room costs from 1600 rubles. The rating on the aggregator is excellent.

According to tourists, hotels in Minsk are the most wasteful part of the budget. I agree with them. If you are not ready to sacrifice any of the components from the set “hotel, near the center or in the center, modern interiors”, then get ready for the price tag from 5000-7000 rubles per night for two.

Against this background, renting an apartment looks very profitable. With such a budget, you can choose a nice fresh apartment in the very center. Daily. is literally overflowing with options — in a couple of clicks I found:

  • Loft-style apartment near Nemiga metro station (center) for 2-3 people for 4800 rubles per day; super rating and more than 200 reviews!
  • A one-room apartment with an intriguing description “in the Belarusian style” for 4 people for 3,500 rubles per day.
  • And two-room apartments near the metro Academy of Sciences (3 stations to the center) with the famous Vasilki cafe nearby for 3,900 rubles per day.

Where is the best place to rent an apartment in Minsk for a tourist? We also focus on the metro stations: optimally — the nearest 4 stations around Nemiga, this is the very center. Prices for apartments start from 2500 rubles per day.

What is the first thing to see in Minsk?

The city struck me with the number of attractions: at the same time, it is convenient that they are all located in close proximity to each other. I have compiled my personal rating of places to go first in Minsk:

  • The National Library of Belarus

Tourist reviews of Minsk are not complete without this architecturally interesting landmark. I think this is the most recognizable place in the capital. Usually people come here to climb the observation deck on the 22nd floor (4 BYN / 150 rubles) and look at the panorama of the city. It seemed to me that it was better to come there in the evening when it gets dark — at this time Minsk is beautifully illuminated by lights and becomes more atmospheric.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

I advise you to combine a visit to the National Library and the Dana Mall — this is the largest shopping center in Minsk, which is located a 3-minute walk away. There you will find brands that have stopped working in Russia: Zara and Zara Home, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and others. In general, come with an empty suitcase if you are a shopaholic like me 🙂

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

  • Independence Square

This is the main square of the city, where another iconic building of the city is located — the red Church of Saints Simeon and Elena. In the 1900s, it was erected by a philanthropist in memory of his children, who died early. Now the church can only be viewed from the outside: last autumn there was a fire in it, so repairs are underway inside.

The Government House and the restored Lenin monument are also located on the square. The Germans took the original monument to Germany during the war and melted it down. It was possible to recreate it in the post-war period due to the fact that the sculptor retained the original forms.

And, of course, I can’t ignore the underground shopping center, which is located right under the square. There you can have a snack with fast food and stroll through the shops with local clothes and shoes. There is much less choice here than in Dana Mall, but when else will you get to the underground store?

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

  • Independence Avenue

This is the main avenue of the city, along which there are many iconic places in the style of “Stalinist” architecture.
For example, Minsk GUM — it was built in 1951. As the guide told us, on the opening day there was a multi-kilometer queue at the entrance, and the doormen met the visitors. People came to GUM as if on an excursion: to look at the wide grand staircases, gilded decor and elegant showcases. And now Belarusian-made goods are being sold here.

Also on the avenue is the building of the Main Post Office, the State Security Committee, the Palace of Trade Unions and the building of the National Academy of Sciences. And countless cafes, souvenir shops, coffee shops (coffee lovers, write down: Why Knot? and Sherlock Coffee Hall), as well as a sweet shop from the Belarusian factory “Kommunarka”.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

  • Upper Town

What to see in Minsk for free? I recommend the Upper Town — this is the heart of Belarus and the place where the vibe of Europe is felt most of all. Take a look at the observation deck opposite the Marbl restaurant with a view of the churches and the Svisloch River and the Minsk City Hall. And don’t miss a couple of funny places — the Red Courtyard (the courtyard is a well of red color in the manner of St. Petersburg) and Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky’s bench – when you sit down on it, Oginsky’s polonaise begins to play in different arrangements.

Perhaps the Upper Town made the greatest impression on me: if you like European architecture of the 16th and 18th centuries, you will like it.

In the tourist reviews of Minsk for 2023, I noticed that free open-air concerts are held on weekends in the Upper City on Freedom Square in the summer. That’s how we got to the symphony orchestra. You can arrive in advance and take a seat or sit on the terrace of a cafe nearby and enjoy live music with a cocktail.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

  • Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

This place should be visited by those who are interested in history. The museum is quite interactive: in addition to standard shelves with things of that time and paintings, it has touch-screen displays with interesting facts.

There are also installations of battles, life in the rear, and partisan intelligence in the halls. And there are also life-size tanks, airplanes and self-propelled guns. I think this place is perfect for families with children in Minsk.
After visiting the museum, you can take a walk in Victory Park. There is a marina there from which you can take a boat ride or a motor ship on Komsomolsk Lake.

The cost of a museum ticket: 10 BYN (385 rubles) for adults, 8 BYN (305 rubles) for students and 5 BYN (195 rubles) for schoolchildren.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

  • The Island of Courage and Sorrow

This is an artificial island on the Svisloch River, which houses a memorial to the Belarusian soldiers who died in Afghanistan. I advise you to visit, because the place is very strong in terms of energy: tourist reviews of the sights in Minsk confirm that it is impossible to remain indifferent here.

There is also a monument to the weeping angel: Tears are really rolling out of his eyes. It symbolizes the guardian angel, who could not protect the fighters from the bullet.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

  • Nesvizh Castle

Nesvizh is a city that is two hours away from Minsk. People come here to see the Nesvizh castle of the Radziwill family and take a walk in the gardens of the estate. I highly recommend taking a tour of the castle: it’s really fascinating. Or even go as part of a full-fledged excursion from Minsk ⬇️

I will tell you one story that I learned from the guide: the ghost of Barbara Radziwill lives in the castle. In her youth, she married the king for great love, but his mother was against the marriage and poisoned her daughter-in-law. After Barbara’s death, the king was beside himself with grief and decided to have a seance to see his beloved again. He was warned not to touch the ghost in any case. But when he saw Barbara, he forgot about the promise and rushed to hug her. Because of this, Barbara’s soul could not go to heaven and remained in Nesvizh Castle. Such stories excite the imagination of tourists, so the castle is one of the business cards of Belarus.

Entrance fee: 16 BYN (615 rubles) for adults, 8 BYN (305 rubles) for schoolchildren and students.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

  • Mir Castle

The small town of Mir is a half-hour drive from Nesvizh, so trips to both castles can be combined. I would definitely include them in the program, even if you have a trip to Minsk for 3 days.

Mir Castle is stunningly beautiful from the outside, but inside it is less spectacular than Nesvizh Castle. Therefore, I advise you to just walk through the exposition without a tour. But still, it’s worth going inside to climb to the top of the castle towers and take a picture of the beautiful panorama. And after the visit to the castle, be sure to stay for a free performance of the Scottish fighters in the courtyard: they will show the weapons with which the Scottish mercenaries defended the Belarusian nobility and fight with each other to the applause of the audience.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Entrance fee: 15 BYN (575 rubles) for adults, 7.5 BYN (290 rubles) for schoolchildren and students.

Excursions in Minsk — where to look?

I usually trust the aggregators of excursions in Russian — Sputnik8 or Tripster. There you can read reviews about excursions in Minsk, find out the number of the group and the program, and then choose the best value for money. In Minsk, I liked the options on Tripster more.

First, I will tell you about those excursions where I was myself:

  • Castles of Belarus: a group tour to the World and Nesvizh from Minsk is a bus tour for 40 people, which lasts from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The program is rich: during the day we visited 2 castles, which are located two hours away from Minsk. It seems to me that this is a great option for those who do not drive a car: they will bring you to the location here, and they will hold you, and they will tell you everything. The nuance is that the tour is long, so it is important to first understand for yourself whether you can withstand such a rich program or not. If so, be sure to wear comfortable shoes :)The price of the tour includes a transfer, tickets to Mirsky and Nesvizh castles, guided tours on the bus and castles. Additionally, we paid 20 BYN (765 rubles) for a set lunch — it was hearty, cooked at home (there were cabbage soup, French meat with potatoes and vegetable salad, tea and cupcake). Cost: 3565 rubles per person.
  • Bus tour of Minsk in the evening — in 3.5 hours we toured the main locations of the city accompanied by a guide. Bus and walking tour: we went out in the Upper Town, at the National Library, on the Island of Tears and spent about half an hour at each location.It seems to me that this format of the tour is suitable for those who come to Minsk for a couple of days and want to see the most famous sights at once. I was satisfied: the bus is comfortable, the guide is interesting, the program is rich. Recommendation! Cost: 1,515 rubles per person.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

  • Cozy Minsk: a group tour of the Upper City is an option for those who prefer a walking tour by bus. The tour takes place in small groups: there were only 7 of us. We visited the temples and churches of the Upper City, sat on a musical bench that performs Oginsky’s polonaise, walked along Independence Avenue and completed the tour on the main square of the city.I definitely recommend it to those who want to immerse themselves in the history of the city and take photos of the sights in the format of a leisurely walk. Cost: 915 rubles per person.

Now a couple of excursions that I added to my notes for the next visit to Minsk:

— Bus tour to the Khatyn Memorial Complex — this tour will help you learn more about the history of Belarus during the Great Patriotic War. Khatyn is a village that the Nazis burned down along with the inhabitants. Now the memorial ensemble is located here. I would like to add: if you are a history lover, I also advise you to visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War — its installations will perfectly complement the guide’s story on this tour.

Cost: 55 BYN (2500 rubles) per person.

— A group tour to Brest and Belovezhskaya Pushcha is an option for those who come to Belarus for a few days and want to see as much as possible. Of course, Brest should be given at least a few days — but this format of the tour will help at least to get to know the city first. In Belovezhskaya Pushcha you can feed bison — they are considered one of the symbols of Belarus. In general, the program promises to be intense, but tune in for a duration of 12 hours.

Cost: 3800 rubles per person.

Where to eat in Minsk? My tips and reviews from tourists

Where to have breakfast in Minsk. I highly recommend going to the Mon Nom bistro. This is an institution that specializes in breakfasts and serves them from 10:00 to 22:00. The concept of the bistro is as follows: they bring you a list of 30+ positions and you mark with a pencil which ones you want. The price is fixed: for 3 positions you will pay 20 BYN (765 rubles), for 5 positions — 25 BYN (960 rubles). Coffee will cost another 4-9 BYN (150-350 rubles).

I took 5 dishes: ciabatta with miso butter, vegetable caviar with feta, smoothie bowl, cheesecakes and salmon riet. If you want to repeat my experience, I warn you: you will most likely roll out of the institution. The next time I wanted to have a snack, it was only at 18:00.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Where to have lunch in Minsk. It would be unfair to ignore the Cornflowers — the most famous cafe chain in Minsk. Here you can take the national Belarusian cuisine for lunch. Of course, I took a portion of pancakes with mushrooms for two (14 BYN / 540 rubles), and also assorted sausages (20 BYN / 765 rubles). If your vacation in Minsk is planned on a grand scale, then the reviews of tourists praise the tincture 🙂

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

The food resembles homemade, the portions are large, everything is satisfying and delicious. What sometimes suffers in Cornflowers is the service. During peak hours, waiters do not have time to take orders. This happened during our visit: the waiters were called three times to place an order, but they came to us only after half an hour. My review is this: it’s worth going to try budget Belarusian cuisine, but you shouldn’t count on fast service.

Where to have dinner in Minsk. On the advice of local residents, I went to the Bulbashi restaurant (yes, the rule “zhi-shi write with the letter “and”” does not work here). They serve higher cuisine here than in Cornflowers, and the prices are also higher. But this is a place that must be visited: Bulbashi serves the best pancakes in the city, for which it is worth returning.

Actually, that’s what I did: on the first visit I tried pancakes with mushrooms and venison with potatoes, and on the second — pancakes with salmon and beef cheeks with spelt. Each of the dishes is a work of gastronomic art. On average, dinner for two cost 120 BYN (4,600 rubles) with soft drinks.

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Отдых в Минске — 2024: отзывы туристов, цены и моя поездка

Where to have a snack in Minsk. I also learned about the Paul bakery from the locals: here you can grab a coffee and a croissant or a to-go bun, and there is also the opportunity to stay inside the institution. I ran into it in the morning when there was no time for a full breakfast. Coffee prices range from 3 to 8 BYN (115-305 rubles), a hearty croissant with ham and cheese costs 9 BYN (345 rubles), and a delicious chocolate cupcake that you can safely take for two is 15 BYN (575 rubles).

When I studied the reviews of tourists about a trip to Minsk in 2023, I found a little advice — it is advisable to come to Paul for a takeaway snack: if you stay on the terrace or inside the establishment, you will wait much longer for your order.

Tourist reviews of holidays in Minsk in 2023

Over the past two years, many of my friends have traveled to Minsk and returned delighted. I also studied the reviews of tourists about Minsk in 2023, my excitement kicked in, and I decided to see what is so special about this city. It’s worth coming at least for a walk around the Upper City — this is the real corner of Europe that I’ve missed so much.

I have met completely polar reviews: from “my God, this is my favorite city, it’s not even a week here” to “there’s nothing to do, two days is enough, it’s boring.” But what exactly everyone agrees on is that it is necessary to travel outside Minsk to the castles.

I liked it in Minsk. I spent 4 days here and would have come back again. My main expenses were:

  • 10,000 rubles for air tickets,
  • 25,000 rubles — for the hotel (the amount was divided into two),
  • 6000 rubles — for excursions (which included all the necessary tickets and transport),
  • 3000 rubles — taxi from and to Minsk airport (the amount was divided into two),
  • 10,000 rubles for food,
  • 10,000 rubles for shopping.

Total: 50,000 rubles for 4 days from and to — that’s how much my vacation in Minsk in 2023 cost me.

The pros and cons of a vacation in Minsk

Belarus is the most accessible Europe for Russians. Therefore, it seems that the solution is obvious — you need to go. And now my impressions of a vacation in Minsk in 2023: what I liked and what I didn’t like.


  • Low prices for air tickets. My ticket from St. Petersburg and back cost 10,000 rubles: it’s quite budget-friendly for the summer. For such money, you can’t fly, for example, to Kaliningrad, Kazan and Sochi, but abroad to Belarus — that’s easy.
  • You do not need a passport, visa and insurance. You can enter Belarus with a Russian passport.
  • You are abroad, everyone speaks Russian. And in general, everything is familiar as at home.
  • MIR cards are accepted almost everywhere, even in small kiosks. Cash may be needed only in public transport: it can be withdrawn from a Sberbank ATM on the 1st floor of the airport.
  • Local cuisine! Yes, I sincerely think that the pancakes deserve a separate item. Go to the Bulbashi restaurant for the best in the city.
  • You won’t have to think long about what to bring with you from Minsk. You can buy brands that you can’t get in Russia: There are Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and other foreign clothing stores.


  • Prices in Minsk in 2024. Due to the weakening of the ruble, prices in Minsk for food, restaurants and clothes are at the level of Moscow or even slightly higher. Although it was quite profitable to go to Belarus last summer.
  • Roaming. Therefore, I advise you to get a local SIM card from MTS for 20 BYN (765 rubles). This can be done on the 1st floor of the airport: this way you will have unlimited Internet for a month anywhere in Belarus.


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